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Vintage Peruzzi Repurposed Necklace
Vintage Peruzzi Combination Necklace
Villasana Abalone & Sterling Clamper
Mozambique Garnet Briolette Necklace
Vintage Fahrner Cameo & Sunstone Necklace
Vintage Matilde Poulat Turquoise Pendant
Vintage Cini Crystal Pendant & Aquamarine Necklace
Vintage Peruzzi & Pink Amethyst Necklace
Vintage Gold Cameo & Padparadscha Sapphire
Vintage Peruzzi Azurite Pendant
Cellini Pendant & Longido Ruby Necklace
Wm Kerr Green Man & Rhodolite Garnet Necklace
Wm Kerr Snake & Red Spinel Bracelet
Vintage Peruzzi Satyr Pendant Necklace
Vintage Peruzzi Amethyst Pendant
Vintage Taxco Sterling Clamper
Matilde Poulat Amethyst & Turquoise Pendant

The Lola

Yellow Aquamarine Briolette Necklace
Opal gemstone necklace

The Adelaide

vermeil Theodor Fahrner brooc