February is a time to celebrate love - for us, that means love of design, jewelry and, of course, sparkle. Here are our five favorite high-end pieces from our collection. Each piece is for sale on our website as well as Etsy. Happy shopping!

Labradorite Necklace, Labradorite Jewelry, Gemstone Necklace, Handmade Necklace, Lariat Necklace, Long Lariat Necklace, Long Necklace

The Mariebelle | See it on Etsy

Turkish Tassel, Tassel Bead Cap, Beaded Lariat, Sterling Tassel Bead Caps, Tassel Cap Sterling, Tassel Necklace, Long Tassel Necklace

The Beatrice | See it on Etsy

Lapis Bracelet Pearl, Lapis Bracelet, Lapis Lazuli, Lapis Lazuli Jewelry, Lapis Bracelet, Lapis Lazuli Bracelet, Blue Jewelry, Blue Bracelet

The Alexandria | See it on Etsy

Zircon Jewelry, Champagne Zircon Jewelry, Gemstone Bracelet, Gemstone Jewelry, Gemstone Cuff, Gemstone Cuff Bracelet, Multistrand Bracelet

The Belinda | See it on Etsy

Tsavorite Garnet, Gemstone Bracelets, Bracelet, Garnet, Garnet Jewelry, Black Opal, Opal Jewelry, White Opal Bracelet, Ethiopian Opal

The Hollye | See it on Etsy