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Art Nouveau Brooch & Pearl Necklace
Matilde Poulat Style Brooch & Amethyst Bracelet
Matilde Poulat Style Necklace
Matl Maltese Cross & Turquoise Necklace
Matl Style Pendant Necklace

Matl Style Pendant Necklace

Peruzzi Brooch & Chrysoprase Gemstone Bracelet
Peruzzi Brooch & Fluorite Gemstone Bracelet
Peruzzi Brooch and Lapis Multi-Strand Bracelet
Peruzzi Citrine Brooch & Mandarin Garnet Bracelet
Peruzzi Sodalite Brooch & Tunduru Sapphire Bracelet
Repurposed Vintage Brooch & Opal Necklace
Theodor Fahrner Brooch & Green Garnet Bracelet
Theodor Fahrner Brooch & Dark Aquamarine Bracelet
Theodor Fahrner Brooch & Labradorite Bracelet
Vintage Birks of London Brooch & Tanzanite Bracelet