Fratelli Peruzzi, commonly known as Peruzzi Brothers’, was founded in 1860 and is one of the oldest craft silverware and goldsmith workshops in Florence. The historic shop is located on Florence’s Ponte Vecchio and is considered a landmark. This silver workshop is where exclusive Peruzzi products are still made.

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Cellini Pendant & Longido Ruby Necklace
Peruzzi Brooch & Chrysoprase Gemstone Bracelet
Peruzzi Brooch & Fluorite Gemstone Bracelet
Peruzzi Brooch and Lapis Multi-Strand Bracelet
Peruzzi Chrysoprase Pendant
Peruzzi Citrine Brooch & Mandarin Garnet Bracelet
Peruzzi Opera Length Citrine Necklace
Peruzzi Satyr & Ruby NecklacePeruzzi Satyr & Ruby Necklace
Peruzzi Sterling Brooch & Tsavorite Garnet Bracelet
Vintage Bellini Pendant & Green Onyx Necklace
Vintage Cini Green Man & Phoenix Pendant
Vintage Cini Key Charm Necklace
vintage Cini sterling skeleton key necklace
Vintage Etruscan Style 800 Silver Charm Bracelet
Vintage Etruscan Style Charm Bracelet